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We work with
design thinking, focusing on user, landscape & brand

Service Design

  • Research the core user
  • Study the landscape
  • Understand the brand strategy
  • Sketch the core experience
  • High-definition wireframes
  • Prototype
  • Layout Design
  • Interaction Design
We get immersed in the solutions our clients are needing, and through observation, documentation and mainly interaction with the community involved, we define the problem at its core. We achieve this by focusing on the users characteristics, environment, goals, combined with the product/service workflow at all stages.In order to define the paradigm that needs shifting, we not only analyze and envision the way users will consume the product/service but we validate these assumptions with real time experimentation. We design solutions around how users can, want or need to use them, instead of forcing them to change behaviors to fit a specific product/service.

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