At a Glance

Directv is a major player in LATAM Multimedia.
They specialize in Satellite Tv distribution with operation in more than 10 countries in LATAM.

The Challenge

Help DirecTV in their digital transformation, focused in Operations, Field Services and Sales , improving Efficiency, Engagement and NPS.

Work Type

Service Design, UIX Design, Architecture Design, Adoption Strategy, Implementation and Operation.

Our Approach

Sincro, the solution we created for DirecTV, started with a deep Customer Journey Mapping, understanding the needs of the different parts in the Value Chain. Based in our findings, we developed a mobile solution that allows technicians and sales agents to perform their duties without any physical contact with the company.

From Training to Supplies, the platform provides a one stop shop for the workforce to solve every need they have in a self service mode, radically improving user experience, generating more adoption and efficiency.

The Results

7% increase in Performance, 100% platform adoption and relevant NPS improvement.

This project was executed under Iphoideas S.A.

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