We use the latest technology for your projects


Big Data

Make the most of your data using new technologies like in memory DBs allowing 3D analysis in realtime.


Expand your digital experience integrating Chat Bots, Image recognition neural network solutions, among others.


More than 250 projects developed from idea to publishing.


Wearable devices have smaller screens and are constantly in movement. We deeply understand this and follow a minimalistic design approach to create engaging user experiences.


In the fast changing mobile industry, we continue to pioneer. Get notified in the right time and place through the different Bluetooth Beacon’s solutions that we offer.

Internet of Things

There is a new revolution going on. IoT is everywhere and we interact with a new device daily. We work on smart solutions, prototyping, researching on new objects and defining UI for products.

For being able to really innovate, we are constantly studying and connecting with new technologies
Big Data, AI, Iot, AR

What we do on our Consulting side is define how these solutions can be plugged in the digital transformation process, and we not only build them ourselves but we also lean on the local startups ecosystems to bring revolutionary products without the cost of developing them from scratch.